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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jul 5, 2018

In Episode 5 of the Crunch, we spoke to Nat Hoye of ACTON Mount Lawley. Nat started in real estate in 2011 but in 7 years has built a strong business based on authenticity and hard work. Nat has embraced social media, running the Facebook page and blog “Beaufort and Beyond,” demonstrating her love of real estate and her local area and we spoke to Nat about how she got here and where she sees real estate heading.


0:35-4:20 How Nat defines her personal and business brand and portrays her brand across social media

4:20-6:30 How Nat has changed her sales approach to meet the market

6:30-8:15 What Nat does differently to other agents

8:15-9:55 How the buzz of winning a listing compares to the satisfaction of putting a deal together

9:55-13:30 How Nat followed her passion to start a career in real estate

13:30-15:30 What Nat brought from her career in consulting into real estate

15:30-16:10 What Nat has learnt since starting real estate

16:10-21:20 Why the real estate as an industry needs to continue to foster female talent

21:20-22:45 Nat’s biggest challenge in real estate and why a crappy market isn’t an excuse to stop working

22:45-26:50 Why Nat refuses to overprice her listings

26:50-32:20 Why change is a given and how real estate agents should embrace it to benefit their business

32:20-33:50 Why it’s so important to be brave and have the guts to follow your dreams

33:50-36:30 The importance of choosing the right agency and working with people who do good work.

36:30-37:45 Why Nat focusses on the activity and process, knowing the outcome will come

37:45-41:00 How Nat balances work and life when there is no room for balance

41:00-44:45 Why being good isn’t good enough in real estate