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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Mar 26, 2020

“The evolution of one’s personality and soul is when you become comfortable in your own skin. And I’m not quite there yet but I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin. And you either dig me or you don’t and all the best to you.”

Solid advice from the one and only Simon McGrath on our latest episode of Th Crunch featuring Simon McGrath & Richard Clucas.

For agents working from home at the moment, this is a great 30 minutes of positivity and good actionable tips from two of the best in the business.

0.40 – One out one in

2.00 – The first sales

3.45 – From FMG to real estate – Richard’s story

5.35 – Great energy & coachable – two must haves in real estate

6.10 – Maintaining consistency & success in a career while holding together a family dynamic

8.40 – Old fashion values versus gimmicks

10.20 – The importance of owning your individuality

12.30 – Focus, focus, focus – Attention is the new currency

13.30 – When you’re at work you’re at work, when you’re at play you’re at play

15.50 – Ask for forgiveness, not permission

17.44 – What not to do

20.50 – Know what time of the day your energy is at it’s best

23.00 – Don’t focus on a good week, focus on a good 30 minutes