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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Dec 5, 2019

Peter Zambotti started his career in real estate as a fresh faced 18-year-old. Less than 2 years later he followed Matt Podesta to Mont Property and hasn’t looked back since.


Selling in the prominent areas surrounding Applecross as an 18-year-old is no mean feat and in this episode of The Crunch Peter tells us how sheer tenacity got him through the early years of his career.


0.50 – Starting a real estate career as a driver

2.00 – Seeing the end of the boom

3.00 – The beginnings of Mont Property

4.10 – The Mont brand

5.15 – Ignorance is bliss – outworking more experienced competition

8.25 – Performing in a hard market

9.20 – From a cowboy industry to transparency and accountability

10.30 – Promoting the property not the agent

12.00 – A different approach to social media

14.15 – A salesperson at heart

15.05 – A bad time to be selling but a great time to be buying

17.45 – Building a relationship over multiple years

18.45 – A career built on cold calls

20.00 – The motivation to keep going & the lessons learnt

22.30 – Real estate is a job interview every day

24.30 – Peter’s non-negotiables

25.45 – The agent’s Peter keeps his eye on

26.30 – How to get through a bad day

27.30 – 2020 Goals