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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Feb 28, 2019

Peter Peard started Peard Real Estate in 1997, after a short but successful career in residential and land sales. Since then he has built a business that spans 12 locations and has had to consistently review and refine their business model to meet the market.

Having interviewed two of Peard’s top reps Tash Welburn and Todd Utley last year, it was a pleasure to talk to Peter and it was easy to see why his reps are so straight forward and down to earth, and get some insight into what it takes to run a business that has had such long term success in such a challenging market.  


0.55 – Rising from rookie to shareholder in 4 years

1.55 – From residential sales to land and back again

2.55 - How chasing land subdivision morphed into Peard Real Estate

3.30 – An early culture of agent attraction

4.20 – Quick success & fast growth

“Once I had 20 or 30 reps I thought, well I’m in it now.”

5.15 – Positive public perception

6.50 – The importance of internal process & support

7.35 – Getting lean and mean in a challenging market

9.50 – How the introduction of the minimum wage has pushed some successful reps to step up

11.00 – Centralising the rent roll

13.15 – Creating employee loyalty by looking after people

16.35 – The trends that are here to stay and those that aren’t and why

 “Purple Bricks will never work here, it was never going to work here. It works fine in the UK and they’ve got good market share but it’s a different ball game here.”

18.20 – The changing expectations of consumers

20.10 – “The success of the business and the backbone of your business is your salespeople."

21.40 – The chequebook mentality – admit fault and apologise when you make a mistake

23.50 – The darkness before dawn – Now is the toughest time we’ve seen in 20 years

26.10 – If you want success in real estate – You’ve gotta give up your weekends