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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Sep 17, 2019

With 7 successful months under their belt, Nat Hoye, Wayne Heldt and Donna Buckovska of Bellcourt Mount Lawley have proved they made the right decision in joining forces.


With a string of new offices opening around Perth recently, we invited Nat and Wayne on to chat about why they went out on their own, their vision for their business and the ups and downs of opening a new office.

 1.00 – The move from agent to and agency owner

4.50 – Working with friends

6.30 – Recruiting for culture

9.55 – The vision & the cost of growth

11.15 – Boutique, franchise or independent

18.15 – Learning the business of being in business

22.30 – Why running an agency is not for everyone

24.30 – First-year lessons

29.50 – Bringing younger agents into the fold

32.10 – Opening a new agency in a tough market

34.30 – No Plan B’s