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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Apr 11, 2019

If you've ever dreamt of starring on The Block, then you'll be envious of Lauren Zornada, Director of Perth Property Flippers - for her, every day is a real-life Block episode.


Since leaving her job with a luxury car dealership in 2013, Lauren has worked hard to build a career renovating and developing Perth properties and in this episode of The Crunch, she tells us all about the ups and downs, as well as sharing some hot tips for wannabe renovators. 


00.50 – How Lauren found her way in property flipping

3.00 – From being a weekend warrior to full time flipping

5.15 – Completing an 18-month project in 12 weeks

6.10 – Creating profitable deals in a falling market

8.15 – Following a well-worn strategy

9.50 – Finding a property worth flipping

11.50 – Setting a renovation timeline

15.00 – Project 33

18.55 – Learning from the US

21.50 – Selecting a property strategy

23.35 – How do you know if a property is a good Airbnb hold?

25.00 – Subdivision vs Property flip

26.30 – Building a business team

31.30 – Selecting an agent

34.20 – Utilising Instagram for the business

38.35 – Setting up a 5-star Airbnb business

43.10 – Being motivated by freedom

44.45 – Flipping shopping centres

47.00 – Don’t take the advice of your barbecue mates