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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Aug 7, 2018

Niki Peinke, owner & director of The Property Exchange, has had a career that has taken her from Psychologist to restaurant owner to real estate agent and agency owner and now, outspoken Subiaco resident and tram owner. In this week's episode, we talked about how knowing people has led to success in a variety of industries and why it is so important to surround yourself with good staff. 


Show Notes

0.30-2.00 How Niki went from Psychologist to real estate agent

2.00-3.15 How a dream kick started The Property Exchange

3.15-4.40 The Property Exchange then to now

4.40-5.45 Why the Property Exchange staff demand excellence

5.45-7.40 How a psychology background and 30 years of working with people helps sell property

7.40-9.00 Why honesty is the best policy

9.00-12.10 How the GFC taught Niki to back herself

12.10-16.30 Why surrounding yourself with good people is vital to running a good business

16.30-19.20 Why Niki believes every property is worth something different to different people and how this guides her pricing strategy

19.20-22.15 Why solving people’s problems makes real estate Niki’s dream job

22.15-27.10 How technology has changed real estate marketing for the better and why real estate agents can’t be replaced

27.10-31.55 How Niki is transitioning from being a Subiaco agent to an active Subiaco resident & tram owner

31.55-34.55 Why Niki’s main piece of advice is to back yourself in, give it a crack and don’t do it for the money

34.55-37. What’s next for Niki