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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Oct 17, 2019

One of Perth’s leading agents, Adam Naumovski from The Agency has been awarded Master Salesperson by REIWA for the past 4 years. Adam has built a solid business based on repeat and referred clients and we spoke to Adam about how he has set himself and his team up to handle such a high sales volume and why you won’t see him branding himself as an area specialist.


0.45 – Continually prospecting

1.20 – Real estate hours

2.15 – The prospecting process

3.40 – Not an “area specialist” but with the same level of service

5.40 – Running his own business under The Agency

7.20 – Handling a high-volume business

10.05 – Successful second round in real estate

13.20 – Evolving while keeping the fundamentals the same

14.15 – The best job in the world

15.15 – There’s no excuse for not getting back to a client within an hour

17.10 – Dollar productive activity & outsource the weaknesses

17.50 – Listing vs. Selling

18.40 – Pushing through the first two years

19.50 – What’s next