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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jul 18, 2018

“The secret to ongoing success is understanding that you are running a business that provides real estate services, you are not running a real estate agency.”


This week on The Crunch, we spoke to Mark Sinclair, founder of specialist real estate brokerage Realestimations, about the state of the industry, where agencies are going wrong and what Sydney agents could learn from Perth’s best.


0.40 - 1.15 What is Realestimations and how was it started?

1.15 – 2.25 How Mark went from real estate franchising to brokering

2.25 – 2.55 How the business has grown over the past 6 years

2.55 – 3.35 Buying & selling business vs. growing business

3.35 – 5.10 Why some agencies are flourish in a tough market while others flounder

5.10 – 6.15 Why agencies need to take a good look at how their accounts are structured

6.15 – 7.35 How the WA economy and interest rates are affecting the Perth real estate market

7.35 – 9.55 Why Perth agents have survived but Sydney agents are living in a fantasy world

9.55 – 12.15 What Mark thinks Perth’s successful agents & agencies are doing well

12.15 – 15.20 Why an agency’s rent roll is the most important part of their business

15.20 – 16.20 Why a great real estate agent doesn’t necessarily make the best agency owner

16.20 – 19.25 Why Mark thinks the private treaty process in Perth is great but agents should be giving their vendor the option of an auction

19.25 – 21.25 Why the ability to negotiate a good fee and VPA is so important to both an agent and their agency

21.25 – 22.50 Why professionalism & training is so important for an agent

22.50 – 23.45 What’s next for the real estate industry