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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Dec 12, 2018

Craig Gemmill started his career in land sales and is now the name and face behind one of WA’s most respected home building companies, Gemmill Homes.


Our chat with Craig covered everything from finding a way to fit display homes into a digital world through to some of the biggest lessons Craig has learnt while building his business.


This is our final episode of The Crunch for 2018 and we think it’s a cracker! Thanks to Craig and Gemmill Homes for sharing your story with us.


0.55 – From scraping through year ten to law, land sales and building

2.53 – If your passionate about something and really enjoy it, you might as well have a crack at doing it yourself

3.13 – Creating a sense of ownership and a bond with clients

3.50 – Finding their way back after becoming too big

5.00 – Finding the people that share your values in business – employing out of longevity instead of what’s best for the business

5.55 – Price is important, service is critical

6.50 – Fitting a display home into a digital world

10.00 – From an ageing market to shrinking lot sizes – how the building industry is changing

12.00 – The increasing expectations of the consumer

12.45 – The foreign buyer’s surcharge

14.30 - Where are the first home buyers? 

15.45 – Expanding the Gemmill brand

16.55 – How the Government’s direction to 2031 and the push for density is changing the market

19.20 – Coming up from the school of hard knocks

20.25 – The importance of timing in the market

21.00 – Learning not to take business personally

23.50 – Using success as motivation