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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Nov 28, 2018

Todd Utley - Peard Real Estate has averaged 1 sale a week for the past 19 years.


Coming up in real estate in a very different time, Todd benefitted from being mentored by some of the industry leaders of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Joining the successful Peard Lawrence (now Peard Real Estate Joondalup) in 2004, Todd credits his successful career to his mentors, persistence and a having bit of mongrel.


Todd doesn't hold back in this chat, giving some insight into the heyday of real estate, how to change pace when the market turns and how “getting on people’s trip” has seen him in Peard’s top 3 performers consistently for the last 14 years.


0.50 – How broken mower blades led to a career in real estate

3.30 – Graduating with greats – being one of two successful agents to complete his REIWA course

4.45 – The importance of having a mentor and being held accountable

8.00 – From Ray White to Peard – Why Todd made the move that changed his career

9.00 - 2004-2008 The Hey Day

11.50 – The keys to success – Persistence, momentum and a bit of mongrel

15.55 – You’re not making money unless you’re in debt

18.30 – Helping people move on

19.25 – How competition with his wife turned them into a formidable team

22.20 – Anyone can list a lemon but the right listing it where the buzz comes from

23.30 – Getting on their trip

27.45 – Do it once, do it right

29.00 – What to do when you know you aren’t getting the business

31.20 – Sellers have so much data to look at when choosing an agent but no one is giving you the keys to their house unless they like you

34.00 – Getting through the tough times

37.00 – When everyone’s bleeding, you have to keep working through it

38.40 – The grass is always greener - What has kept Todd at Peard for 14 years

41.35 – You are the product – the major hurdle for people getting started in real estate

44.10 – Live, eat, breathe & bleed real estate