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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Nov 1, 2018

“Drive your business in real time, not historically.”


Whether you are a real estate agent, a business owner or someone who wants to improve their leadership, you will find something for you in this podcast. Ross Hunter shares his insights into why more agents should embrace auction, what all successful businesses are doing right and what makes a great leader.


1.00 – From fixing bulldozers to fixing people

2.10 – Looking for accountability in a career

5.00 – Making the journey to New Zealand

6.00 – Early adoption into the auction process

7.55 – East Coast vs West Coast auction culture

11.40 – Why auction?

12.55 – Embracing the fear of taking your property to auction

15.30 – Back to Perth

16.40 – “We are a people development organisation disguised as a real estate agency”

18.15 – Network schmetwork – Coming back from being off the radar

20.00 – Number one factors for failure - Lack of accountability and business rhythm

23.30 – The average sales person is only effective for 2 quarters of the year – Setting up your business rhythm

27.40 - Drive your business in real time, not historically

30.40 – Why leaders need to embrace the power of no

33.00 – A natural leader vs learnt leadership

36.10 – What makes a great leader?


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