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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Mar 28, 2019

To be honest, for most of our listeners we don’t need to introduce Tom Panos. Highly regarded as one of the countries most respected and recognisable auctioneers and real estate coaches, Tom has built a brand based on his straight talking, no bullshit approach to real estate.

We were lucky Tom made some time to speak with us on his last trip to Perth. In person, we found Tom a lot more softly spoken than his online persona but no less knowledgeable and our chat ranges on topics from the successful auction campaigns to building a real estate team and of course, the importance of the digital interview.


1.00 – How zero-based thinking could change the way you do things

2.00 – Why Perth hasn’t embraced auctions

3.55 – The ingredients for a great auction campaign

5.00 – The 47 points of contact in the lead up to an auction

5.30 – The benefits of building teams around a single agent

8.20 – Justifying building a team in a soft market and how to go about it

10.40 – People list with people – The shift from the office brand to the brand of the individual

12.00 – What the focus on the individual means for the office

13.13 – The absence of a shopfront does not mean you’re not going to be successful

15.20 – Tom’s top tips for building an online presence

21.10 – The man behind the rant

22.40 – Tom’s top podcast tips