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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jul 4, 2019

Stuart Cox joined The Agency as General Manager in 2017 and was charged with providing strategic direction for the team as well as growing its numbers of high performing agents. In a market where many are retracting, Stuart has done just that, now leading a group of over 140 agents under the companies two brands, The Agency and SLP. Stuart found some time to speak with The Crunch about how the WA market compares to the eastern states and where he sees the future of the industry.


0.50 – Brand new country, brand new career

2.00 – The Agency – recruiting & fine tuning

3.00 – The path from selling to licensee to CEO

4.45 – Recruiting into a business that is non-office based

6.50 – What The Agency looks for in an agent (hint- not everyone fits the model)

8.50 – Acquiring an existing business in SLP – seeing an opportunity to run two brands in the same marketplace

11.00 – Key differences in the business models

12.00 – History of The Agency

13.45 – Driving the strategic direction

14.50 – East Coast vs. West Coast

16.30 – The fundamentals are right for WA

18.20 – Decimated industry or an opportunity for those who are still in it?

20.00 – Structuring teams to bring people into the industry

21.15 – Technology trends in real estate – AI and the rules of reciprocity

25.35 – The pace of change

28.20 – Getting real estate to the point where it is considered a genuine career

30.20 – Bringing young blood into an ageing industry

33.40 – The impact of the award introduction over East versus WA and changes to license requirements

35.15 – Reputation management & industry perception