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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Apr 24, 2019

Did you know Simon McGrath got his start in real estate after a failed career marketing Kieran Perkins branded fruit? Neither did we.


After 30 years selling in some of Perth's most prestigious suburbs, Simon has well and truly proved himself. It was a pleasure to chat to Simon for this episode of the Crunch and as well as sharing his story with us, Simon also outlined why it's so important to provide value in today's market and what he looks for in an up and coming agent.  


1.01 – How losing all his money led Simon to real estate

3.40 – Selling Kieran Perkin’s branded rockmelon

5.05 – Finding the right working environment & the birth of Abel McGrath

8.00 – Letting things go and moving on

9.15 – Why Simon still loves real estate 20 years on

10.30 – Being surrounded by competent women

11.50 – Doing what you’re good at

13.20 – “You don’t win every race. But you win enough.”

15.30 – Discerning between the private and public agent

18.00 – How business has changed but it hasn’t changed

20.40 – The best coach is failure

21.40 – Why phone calls are still the most dollar productive activity an agent can do

23.50 – Working in the most competitive patch of real estate in Australia

24.40 – The value of the home open

27.15 – There’s never been a more important time to hustle

28.50 – The pivot point in the sales relationship

30.40 – Having a valuable conversation with a seller

31.30 – Convincing a seller that you are worth the commission

34.15 – How the introduction of the GST flatlined sales for 12 weeks

35.30 – Getting through tough times

38.00 – Finding someone you respect and learn from their mistakes