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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jul 17, 2020

Shane Kempton, is a renowned coach and speaker and has led three of Australia largest real estate brands as CEO. Currently working with LJ Hooker Connect as High-Performance Coach and is the Sales Leader for their new brand LJ Hooker AVNU, Shane lent us some of his (limited) time to share the lessons he has learned through years of self-improvement and where he sees real estate heading.

To check out Shane’s latest book “Your Best Days Are Ahead of You” and training modules head to


1.10 - How Shane went from the military to CEO of national real estate brands

4.50 – An extroverted introvert

5.40 – The key to balancing multiple roles

8.35 - What attracted Shane back into the real estate game

11.15 – Tech and Real Estate – the New World is coming

13.20 - Why Australian agents should be backing our property portals, not fighting them

14.25 – How the marketplace is like a set of escalators

17.35 – Finding the opportunity in every market

19.50 – There’s never a bad time to join real estate, there’s never a good time – there’s only the time that you’ve got”

22.45 – The key skills Shane has taken to each of his professional roles

27.00 – We make our own luck

29.00 – Shane’s toughest time in business (and what he learned from them)

31.20 – Finding the right people for the right job

32.40 – Run your own race

35.00 – Who mentors the mentor?