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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Oct 3, 2019

Ryan Smith is no stranger to working weekends and late nights.


Proving his early entrepreneurial chops with a string of successful businesses under his belt, Ryan turned to real estate last year and was recently named REIWA’s Rookie of the Year and Realmark’s Rising Star.  We chatted to Ryan about how his background in sport and digital marketing has helped him make his mark in his first year of real estate.


0.55 – The long list of accomplishments

1.30 – The business that started it all

2.45 – From fitness to marketing to restaurateur

3.30 – Entrepreneurial blood

5.00 – Coming back to real estate

6.15 – Working in a people business

8.08 – Utilising digital marketing to sell property

9.30 – Why Realmark

10.50 – “Disrupting the property space through the science of digital marketing”

13.40 – Focusing on what works

14.50 – Learning from the best

15.35 – Loving what you do and putting in the work

16.45 – The importance of mindset

18.00 – Goals & growth