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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jul 18, 2019

In a sea of sales reps, Rob Mandanici and his agency, Paddington Realty, stands apart with their leasing only focus. Rob also sits across a number of industry groups, so he’s uniquely positioned to comment on where real estate is headed as well as what makes a great property manager and it was a pleasure to chat with him for this episode of The Crunch.


0.45 – Why cut sales out of your business?

2.50 – The joy of property management

4.15 – “Our first duty is to our client.”

“We’re all guilty of poor communication at times. It’s a busy role and quite often we’ve got a lot of balls in the air at one time.”

5.50 – A sore topic – How many managements should one PM have?

7.50 – What to look for (and where to look) in a Property Manager

9.40 – PM is the nuts and bolts of an agency.

“PM is the nuts and bolts of an agency. It will pay the rent in tough times, it will pay the wages, it will pay the bills.”

11.05 – How the financial market has pushed a lot of great tenants into the market

11.50 – For the first time in 4 years we are increasing rents & extending leases

12.55 – The importance of a one on one relationship

13.40 – How technology has blurred the boundaries in property management

16.40 – Social media as a tool for property managers and how Paddington Realty creates 60% of his new business through Facebook engagement

19.05 – REBar Camp – WA Agents learning from WA agents

“Education is important and some of the best education you can get is from your peers.”

22.20 – Change as a constant challenge in the industry

 25.15 – The only way is up