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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jul 1, 2020

Episode 10 of Off Market - can you believe we made it this far?!

This week the team are at Aston238 in Leederville, joined by Craig Gaspar - DUET to break down:

What industry awards are important and why? Tell us what you think in the comments 

Is the land sale boom a good thing and is it sustainable?

Craig tells us what he loves about Leederville and how a difficult time in business led him to become one of the State's best real estate agents.

0:00 - Introduction

0:43 - Aston 238 Tour

2:01 - In the Industry

7:46 - The Real Press

15:24 - Hood Highlight

26:38 - 6 Questions

36:09 - Wrap Up