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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Mar 14, 2019

After stepping out on his own to open Harcourts Empire, Matt McWaters has been learning the ropes of being a licensee while maintaining his strong market position. Now facing the challenge of growing his team, we spoke to Matt about what he’s looking for in his new recruits and why he loves what he does.


0.50 – Why real estate always makes Matt smile

1.50 – Looking for a new challenge

3.00 – Learning the ropes

3.25 – Ongoing support from a family run business

4.00 – Surrounding yourself with good people

5.10 – Seeing the business as a mental break from real estate

5.35 – Doing things right the first time

6.05 – Being yourself and adapting your business around that

6.30 – Loving and living in your farm area

7.43 – Real estate is all about people

8.25 – Working with technology to make it work for you

10.30 – Focusing too much on your competition can be a negative

12.00 – The cookie cutter model doesn’t work in real estate

14.15 – A people business

15.15 – The importance of being direct and honest

16.45 – Loving what you do and working hard

17.45 – The pros and cons of social media in real estate

19.25 – How to get through a tough patch

21.30 – Being held accountable