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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Apr 9, 2020

There’s something in the water at O’Neil Real Estate and we wanted to find out what it is. Con Mathews, Travis Grogan & Mark Grogan are three high performing reps who started selling real estate with O’Neil straight out of school. 15 years later all three are still there and still successfully selling and we wanted to find out what keeps them going.


0.45 – Getting a start in real estate

3.30 – What’s in the water at O’Neil

7.00 – Why not caring about success is the key to success

9.00 – A little healthy competition

11:30 – Observing & learning

15.20 – Eating their words

17.10 – Changing habits & early mornings

20.10 – The best and worst advice

23.45 – Targeting strata complexes

24.15 – What you can learn from other agents

27.05 – The ideal day

31.10 – Learning to say no

35.00 – The beauty of a fresh start