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The Crunch with Crib Creative

May 9, 2019

In a market as tough as the one we are sitting in at the moment, it's important to have a sounding board, someone with years of experience, who can motivate and provide advice and who is willing to keep learning and adjusting with the times. 


One of those people is David James, a successful real estate agent in his own right and times, who has become one of WA's most trusted coaches. We got his take on what it takes to succeed in this market.


1.00 – A Kalgoorlie boy

2.15 – Why DJ moved his staff away from group training to an individual program

3.20 – Timing & discipline

5.00 – From retirement back into real estate, why DJ had to go back

7.00 – Why it has to get better

7.35 – Using technology to generate an income

9.30 – Good agents are good at recovery

10.15 – There’s no room in the industry right now for laziness

10.30 – Mechanics vs. dynamics

12.30 – Paper, Digital & Physical

14.10 – Real estate isn’t complicated but it’s tough

15.20 - The importance of negotiation skills, time management & forward planning never changes

17.00 – The process of preparing a new agent for the industry

20.45 – Having a strong why

22.20 – If you’re not capturing your data in today's market it will hurt you when things turnaround

24.25 – Getting over bad month disease

25.00 – It’s time to invest in social media and do it consistently

25.40 – Being an avid listener, reader & watcher

26.30 – Perth has never been so competitive, so get better at what you do and build your profile

28.15 – The consumer's demand for quality customer service is changing

31.05 – It’s time for agents to be proud of their industry

33.40 – Why a business owner needs to involve the office junior

36.35 – Selling teams is one of the best things to happen to the industry

37.40 – Keep the light burning at the end of the tunnel

39.25 – Love yourself, love the industry and love the product