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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jan 31, 2019

Damian Martin is well known for being one of the country’s best basketballers. Playing with the Boomers at the Rio 2016 Olympics, a 4 x NBL Champion and 6 x Best Defensive Player in the NBL while overcoming multiple injuries, there's no doubt he's a champion. 

This year, he is embarking on a brand new challenge, starting a career in real estate with First National Genesis, and we wanted to chat to him about how he is approaching this next stage while continuing to play top level basketball.


1:10 – Why unemployment was the best thing that ever happened to Damian  

3:05 – Embracing multi-generational living

4:43 – How playing College basketball in the USA led to a career in real estate

5:34 – Moving from one passion to another

6:30 – What is most important when choosing an agency

8:10 – Juggling basketball, real estate, family & fatherhood

10:10 – Getting a rush from the sale

13:25 – “I have my goals and to be able to achieve them I’ve got to learn as much about the industry as I can.”

14:30 – Being completely out of your comfort zone

15:40 – Learning from the losses

18:15 – Being driven by the fear of failure

19:50 – The first door knock

21:10 – “It’s one thing to be invited to an appraisal but at the end of the day your selling hat persons biggest asset and they’re going to give it to the person they think will do the best job.”

22:05 – “Why can’t I keep my morals and values and just use it for a different industry?”

24:00 – “The thing that keeps me up most at night after a poor performance is letting someone down.”

25:00 – Working in a team to achieve goals in 2019