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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Apr 6, 2020

It's a strange time for agents out there, and no doubt there are a few people struggling with motivation or feeling a little lost as to their next steps.
So I asked David James, Sales Coach to put together a two-week action plan to kickstart your new way of working. Whether you're kicking goals in this new reality or haven't quite settled in yet there's something here for everyone so grab a note pad and pen and enjoy!
2.00 - Making a start now
3.00 - You're in your position today as a direct result of what you have or haven't done in the last 90 days
3.45 - Establish your true financial position
5.45 - "The real estate market going forward is not going to be strong enough to rescue you financially"
7.45 - Constructing your ideal day
10.00 - Allow longer for you call sessions & base your calls around emotion, not sales
13.00 - Stock review & stock pipeline
15.35 - If someone is genuinely selling now, they have a strong reason - you need to up the ante on that communication
17.30 - If you take on an overpriced listing, guarantee the seller has spent that money in their mind
19.30 - "We have to be a beacon of hope and inspiration & not a beacon of misery."
22.15 - Setting your targets and your "Back on the Bike" date
25.00 - Mix up your messages - staying in touch with your audience
28.00 - Doing things differently - will it stick?
30.00 - The importance of journalling