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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Mar 12, 2020

“Often when you're first in real estate and you're young and ambitious and really keen and energized and you really want to make things happen you can get caught up in that deal or that transaction or getting that listing and your world can become very small. “

From careers in criminal law and manufacturing to joining forces in real estate, mother-daughter duo Christine & Chanel Majeks have learned to play to their strengths and they joined us on The Crunch to talk about how their relationship helps them deliver a unique client experience that exceeds expectations.


0.55 – Prior lives in manufacturing & law

3.00 – Similarities between real estate & criminal law – it’s all about people

5.20 – How a lack of flexibility drew Chanel to real estate

9.00 – A true love of property

10.30 – Two for the price of one – a point of difference in a difficult market

13.10 – Playing to your strengths

16.00 – The importance of listening, honest communication and considering all ideas

17.50 – Taking the leap of taking on a PA & the art of delegation

24.20 – Stepping back and reading the play

25.45 – Learning to say no and put yourself first

27.40 – The trigger to success

29.10 – Leaning of your colleagues

30.45 – Spend a moment doing what you love