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The Crunch with Crib Creative

May 23, 2019

In a time when people are tightening their belt and are hesitant to take on rookie agents, Cara De Buelle and Glen Newland are bucking the trend and throwing everything they have into developing their staff. Known for producing some of the states best rookies, we got their take on what makes a great culture and how to develop great agents. 


0.50 – How two opposites found each other in business

4.05 – Transitioning from sales to business ownership – getting swiftly knocked into reality

5.25 – Business is about dealing with people – why staff are the biggest challenge

7.40 – Building a culture of success “You can’t teach attitude.”

12.30 – Why Glen and Cara choose to focus on culture over the bottom line

14.00 – Knowing who you want to be in business with

15.15 – Reducing a rookie’s pain points & handling the emotional roller coaster

18.10 – “It is a duty of ours to make sure that the next generation are going to make it.”

19.00 – Property Performance Stars – Giving back to the industry

21.30 – Earning your stripes – Be prepared to knock on doors for 4 years

26.00 – Being focused on what is happening in your own four walls

27.30 – Playing to each other’s strengths

30.15 – Big business dreams and broadening the focus

35.00 – More than a salesperson – advice for new agents