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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Feb 14, 2019

Brooke Vulinovich, better known to some as Villa Management, has a large and loyal following on social media. Perth's social media queen, she has built a reputation by coaching business on how to build brand awareness, brand loyalty and increase sales online. 


One look at Brooke's Instagram pages and you can see the proof of what she preaches. With a following of nearly 20,000 people on Instagram, we were excited to get her take on social media and learn some of her tips and tricks to growing a business.  


0.58 – From an events company to a social media coach in 3 years

2.23 – How the ease of access to social media has changed the way businesses interact with their platforms

3.53 – The keys to building a successful business via social media

6.38 – Why asking for help has been Brooke’s biggest learning curve

8.33 – Growing a brand when you are the brand

12.13 – The lessons you learn running an online business

13.48 – Exceeding customer expectations

15.48 – Evolving as a business and appreciating the rewards

17.26 – Communicating to your customer

18.53 – The biggest mistake businesses make on social media (hint: STOP SELLING)

20.33 – If your clients are on social media then why aren’t you?

20.58 – How social media has changed and what’s coming

25.03 – Saying yes for success

30.53 – Top tips for real estate Facebook & Instagram pages

32.28 – Getting in front of the camera – just do it!

34.18 – Getting to 1000 members