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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jun 6, 2019

From humble beginning selling fashion offcuts at the Queen Victoria Market to being one of WA’s best and most prolific auctioneers, Boyd Fraser has been there, done that.

His passion for auctions is evident and he’s got a story for every situation, from managing a streaker to selling for the King of Nauru. As he says, preparing for an auction is like going into battle, you never know what’s going to happen.

We had a ball recording this episode of The Crunch and we hope you enjoy listening to it.  


1.00 – Humble beginnings at the Queen Victoria Markets

2.45 – From selling make up to selling real estate with Marshall White

4.00 – Becoming an auctioneer by default

6.10 – Being a licensed auctioneer

6.50 – Moving West and ‘leaving real estate’

7.50 – From 30 auctions to 100-130 per year

9.00 – Boyd’s introduction to Perth auctions and why that led to his passion for agent education

10.15 – Seeing a surge in Perth auctions

11.25 – Auction vs Private treaty

12.50 – Getting pumped for auction day – “An auction is like an open for inspection on steroids.”

14.00 – A transparent way to sell

15.25 – Going into battle – you don’t know what is going to happen at auction

16.45 – It only takes one person

18.00 – All agents should know all methods of sale.

19.35 – Getting a buzz through mentoring

20.40 – Selling property for the King of Nauru

22.25 – How the expectations of the public have changed

23.20 – Online auctions

24.40 – Removing the fear around auctions

25.40 – Being the best-dressed man in the room