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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Oct 31, 2019

Ben Keevers was one of Crib’s very first clients and was a rookie on the real estate scene when we first opened our doors. Since then, Ben has settled in with Ray White and has built himself quite a reputation on Perth’s northern beaches for his consistent results and his love of the local community. Ben is one of our upcoming speakers at this year’s REBar Camp so we got him in to chat about his love for real estate.


0.55 – From sales ‘jobs’ to a real estate career

2.35 – Why real estate attracts so many ex-athletes

5.00 – Building a local brand

8.50 – Those fist pump moments

10.10 – Simplifying business into AM & PM

11.15 – Finding great PA’s

12.50 – Choosing a brand to evolve your business

15.35 – The importance of great mentors

16.30 – Dipping his toe into auctioneering

17.45 – A successful property campaign

20.20 – VPA & vendor expectations

21.50 – Balancing the emotions of real estate

23.20 – The reward of exceeding expectations