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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Aug 21, 2019

From a high-flying career in corporate sales & marketing to working in real estate with his dad, Ben has had quite the journey. The Director of Provincial Real Estate in Kalamunda, Ben talked us through why he sought the greener pastures of real estate and what it’s like working in a tight-knit community like the Perth Hills.


0.40 – A door to door salesman – the best grounding for real estate

1.45 – Prior life as an advertising executive

3.15 – Following his dad’s footsteps into real estate

7.00 – “It’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and get back up”

9.00 – Find a mentor & have a support network


9.40 – The importance of door to door

11.10 – Knowing your point of difference and continuing to reinvent yourself

12.45 – Building a boutique brand

14.30 – Working side by side with family

16.30 - Courage, change, culture & growth

19.00 – Not wanting to be another number

20.00 – Old vs New view points

22.25 – The biggest rewards in real estate

23.00 – People managing people

24.55 – Bringing people into the business

28.30 – Looking forward to modest growth in 2020

29.15 – Selling in the hills

31.50 – Virtual Reality – the next big thing in real estate?