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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jun 19, 2018

“Don’t overpromise but deliver spectacular results.”

This week we spoke to Carmel Gardiner, licensee at Abel McGrath, about how she has created a culture of support and success at one of WA’s best boutique agencies.


Show Notes


0:15 – Who is Carmel?

0:40 – How Carmel got started

2:15 – Some of the biggest changes Carmel has seen since starting in the industry and what to focus on in such an ever-changing industry

3:15 – Why it’s important to surround yourself with people that you trust

4:05 – Carmel’s thoughts on the changes in real estate and how agents can make things work in such a tough market

5:20 – Why Carmel doesn’t believe real estate is a man’s game  

6:50 – The transition from sales to managing an agency and why good sales reps must be resilient

8:10 – How Abel McGrath has moved with the times

9:00 – The importance of a reps personal brand

10:20 – What’s next for Abel McGrath

11:40 – How Abel McGrath have developed their company culture

13:40 – How the company culture helps breed successful reps

14:35 – Why it’s so important for reps to experience different types of training

15:25 – Carmel’s philosophy on managing people and why listening is so important

17:00 – Why the busy life everyone leads is Carmel’s biggest challenge in managing staff

18:20 – What Abel McGrath look for in their staff

20:15 – The biggest challenges Carmel faces in her role & what she is most proud of

23:00 – Carmel’s final advice to anyone looking to start a career in real estate (or any business in general!)