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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Jun 6, 2018

This week we spoke to Travis Coleman, CEO of the ACTON Real Estate Group, who celebrate their 50th Anniversary this year. Trav tells us what it’s like working with his dad every day, how they have built a team culture with a staff of 500 and why it’s so important to back yourself in.


Show Notes

0:45 - How Trav got to where he is today

1:55 - Why Trav decided to join the family business & what it’s like working with his dad

5:00 - How Trav balances his time between roles & creates personal relationships with all 500 ACTON staff

7:15 - The transition into sales

8:45 - How much attention is paid to competition vs. focusing internally

10:05 - How the ACTON brand has evolved

12:40 - The challenges of running a business

16:25 - Why confidence & effort is key in real estate & business

17:30 - Why building rapport is a key strength in Trav’s role

18:50 - How the Coleman family values flow through the ACTON business

20:10 - Why recruitment is so important when building a culture

22:50 - Why a team environment is so important to Trav

24:05 - Balancing a busy work and home life

25:50 - What Trav would have told himself ten years ago and why it’s important not to sweat the small stuff

28:15 - Why asking questions is so important

32:00 – Final words of advice to people thinking about a career in real estate


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