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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Oct 10, 2018

James Limnios is a well-known figure in the Perth community. CEO of the Limnios Group for 24 years, James is now the CEO/Managing Director of Limnios Equity & Development and Director of Limnios & Johns. James has also been an elected City of Perth Councillor since 2009 and has served as both Deputy Lord Mayor and Acting Lord Mayor of Perth.


With a passion for Perth city, this episode covers a wide range of topics from insight into the family that started it all to how James’s successful career as a real estate agent led him to where he is today. 


Show Notes

1.00 – From a fish and chip shop to a real estate empire through delivering on values, ethics & honesty

6.20 – How breaking his wrist took James shifted James’ focus from law to real estate

13.30 - The importance of continuing to actively pursue your business interests

15.00 – What contributed to the Limnios’s success in real estate – visualisation, communication & hard work

18.25 – You can’t get away from prospecting

20.15 – Why stability is so important for a real estate agent – the grass is greenest where it gets watered

26.15 – How technology has changed the industry and why James nearly missed the boat

28.30 – Why James believes the capital city is the most important part of a state and how that prompted him to run for Council

31.00 – Local government vs. State or Federal politics and working as an independent

35.00 – Changing the perception of the real estate industry

36.55 – Why the investigation into the City of Perth Council is a good thing

38.25 – Why experience is crucial in a Government leadership role

39.20 – A leader by nature & what is next for James

40.45 – The public challenges of the last two years vs the private challenges of running a business

43.25 – What James would like to see in our capital city

47.10 – Apartment living vs. Suburban living

50.45 – Why Perth needs to grow up