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The Crunch with Crib Creative

Sep 20, 2018

John Percudani needs no introduction to anyone who knows real estate in WA. John and his wife Anita started Realmark in 1989, building the business from the ground up and in the process developing one of the most recognisable brands in Australian real estate today.

Known for his innovation and leadership in the industry, it was a pleasure to sit down and have a chat to John about his journey.


Show Notes

0.35 Town planning to real estate

1.35 A different approach to real estate

2.30 A well rounded experience before opening an agency

3.30 What led to John & Anita opening their own agency

4.20 The early beginnings & vision for Realmark

5.35 Growing the brand from humble beginnings

6.30 Providing a deeper engagement with the client and adding value

7.15 Leveraging the brand from the beginning

8.05 Focusing on the businesses needs & model rather than the internal processes

9.00 Attracting likeminded people to the business and creating a sense of place

9.30 Don’t dominate the business but multiply the talents of everybody involved

9.45 “Letting Go” – an interesting challenge and business journey

10.45 Early Realmark- being all things to all people

11.35 Being constantly ambitious for the business and brand

12.00 The best is yet to come

12.30 Seeing the pride in other people

13.55 Economic & social challenges reflect the time we’re in- re-evaluating our customer journey

15.00 Constantly refocussing and resetting – it’s not far between being average and being at the ascendancy

16.10 There’s a limit to what an individual can do – leveraging tech to extend what can be delivered

17.35 As you continue to innovate, increasingly people imitate

18.00 Be aware of technological evolution & embrace it but realise it will not be the solution – we are the crucial differential

18.50 Exposing thought patterns to other industries to prevent getting too introspective

20.20 Evolving the business and engagement model in the real estate industry

20.50 Decades of history with the customer offers the real opportunity to advance

21.20 Having a growth mindset and looking beyond the day to day to constantly challenge yourself

22.55 Seeing agile business models adapt and succeed to meet the challenges of today

22.35 Loving the business of real estate and mentoring the new generation